So I haven’t posted in a while, but I have been enjoying my  Tauren Pally I just boosted from 60 had to make a mog for her :)
This set is working around the Firelands HC Paladin legs which caught my eye, with nice bronzey colouring. I included demonstrations of how it looks on other races, I didn’t include males however, because the breastplate looks more purple on the full-length male model and doesn’t really match well. Regretfully, this set is Paladin only.

A full list of Items can be found: Here

So I just got pokemon Y and I thought I’d try out this Wonder Trade thing. I’m so sorry to the person who got a Pancham for an Amaura (I just started ;_;) but did it really have to be called Guy Fieri?

A dream mog I threw together for my levelling monk. This set is troll-themed mostly using pieces from the recolor of the Amani Raiment. With the exception of the helm (which is for horde monks only), this set is usable by any leather-wearing class. 

If you want to come get da voodoo, a full list of items used can be found here.

Troll hunter.
A set designed around the restrung voodoo bow, for your trolls, mon. Once you go troll you never reroll, amirite? And we all know any self-respecting hunter/gatherer makes his or her own armour, or at least wears items that looks like they may well have done!

A full list of items can be found here.
Prefer bullets to arrows? The Hexbelcher Rifle is the gun for you!
As a troll you can deal with chilly toes, but cold arms? Cover up with an Ebon Filigreed shirt!

Apprentice mage levelling mog.All gear for this set is between levels 1-60. This is a basic look for your apprentice clothy! This set is usable by all cloth-wearing classes.A full item list can be found here.

Apprentice mage levelling mog.
All gear for this set is between levels 1-60. This is a basic look for your apprentice clothy! This set is usable by all cloth-wearing classes.

A full item list can be found here.

This is a Warlock set based around an Orc necromancer idea. The alternatives include: A suitable helm, an off-hand tome (mogit wouldn’t let me show off-hand with a wand, doh!) So you can look ready to raise some undead minions, and a staff.

A full item list can be found here.

Prot warrior transmog designed for Pandaren, based around the shoulders. I had a little trouble finding the right chestpiece for it, so I chose to use the Klaxxi Tabard which picks out the green highlights in the shoulders. I believe this set is usable by any plate wearer, save of course DKs cannot use shields

A full item list is available here.
Please note: I forgot to add the gloves into the preview, they are viewable for the wowhead link via the 3D preview.

Phoenix Claws request.
A pretty bright set as requsted for a female dwarf Enh shammy based around the Phoenix claw fist weapons. I found this request really tricky to manage with the bright colours used, but I think it turned out okay in the end. It will certainly make people look! 
I really hope you like how it turned out :)

You can find a full list of items here.

Fancy a cloak? No problem with Cloak of Seething Hatred.
Feeling a bit exposed? Ironforge tabard can help cover you up and show that dwarf pride!
Missing a fancy crown? Give the Crown of Flame a try.

For the Anon asking what my characters look like (:
The first is my main and the others are some alts. The draenei is still a work in progress as is the Goblin engineer I posted earlier today. I have a shed load of other alts too but they don’t look so tidy. Most of my transmogs are a bit boring sticking to premade sets etc. I hope you enjoy my characters’ fashion anyways!
I like trolls, can you tell?

I managed to find a pair of Mechbuilder’s Overalls on my AH for a reasonable price so I just had to build a set around them. Perfect for your engineer/pilot image! This set is usable by any cloth wearing so long as they have en engineering skill of 100+.

A full item list can be found here

Fancy blowing stuff up? (or are you an alliance as the OH is horde only) Then the Thermotastic Egg Timer is for you!
Getting splashed with oil tinkering with that siege engine? Grab yourself a Thistlefur Cloak to keep you dry.
Also available in Gnome™